Concentration and dissertation

Needless to say how far contemporary students got from previous generations. Not only they’ve changed, but the times had. Time is running through all the ages and periods with its innovations, but without any choice to slow down. And the more it runs, the quicker it becomes, the faster we grow and recover our time missions. The main task is to distinguish the meaningless ones from important and to catch them in the endless flow of busy life.

If you already caught dissertation and made decision to undertake that, this article is to help you not to miss it.

Dissertation is a wide space to demonstrate your possibilities, but you better start from showing you’re really in it more than pretending it’s like this. You need to see the process from inside, almost becoming this process, so:

Visualize the result. Visualization is the proved way of achieving something, because when you imagine you have something, our brain switches on starting the creation of ways to get it in reality.

Make the promise to the one you respect. It’s a bit like to fool yourself, but practice shows, that when some authority expects excellent results from you, you afraid to disappoint that person more than yourself. So you move in right direction to get praise and recognition.

Create the comfortable corner. Only you know what makes you wanna work, so make efforts to get this atmosphere around yourself. Some people cannot do something when some background noise distracts them, other ones need this sounds surrounding, special light, hour of a day, cozy chair, etc.

Dead devices. Nothing takes as much time, as modern devices do. If you confess it will be rather hard not to check your mail for a few next hours or instagram, whatever, switch your phone off. Let your family know you’re alright and safe, just trying to concentrate. It is very unhealthy to abuse technical progress, so you better use it to succeed more.