The main rules of application essay
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A great amount of applicants does not understand the importance of the accompanying essay when submitting documents to the university. A report card with grades, letters of recommendation, awards, medals, points for all kinds of testing – all this is only an indirect proof of your potential as an entrant. These things do not bear your imprint, they are dry, objective (ideally) information about what you have achieved at the moment. It is important for the entrance members of the admission to know in which direction you are moving, what your plans and goals for the near future are, and how much you want to achieve them. You can control this subjective element of the selection process, so give it the proper amount of time. To write a spectacular essay that will immediately bother members of the commission, and then stay in their memory for a long time, you need to follow a few first-priority rules:
Your story should have a central theme that reflects your interests and unites all your important achievements;
It can be, for example, the protection of women’s rights, with which all the activities, contests, projects in which you participated and which you write about in an essay are connected in some way. How does this relate to what you plan to study? Or, for example, you are interested in the role of the media in the settlement of interethnic conflicts. Here you can list not only what you were doing, but also to identify some direction in which you would like to go with further research on this topic.

Your interests must coincide with a specific “proposal” of the university;
Before you start writing, study well your future school and the faculty you want to be enrolled in. If what you plan to study is not an “interest” or strength of the college, then most likely you will be denied. The admissions committee tries to recruit a class that the university can give as much as possible, and they really can calculate that you, with your “special” interests, are better suited to some other institution.

Do not bother about what they will learn from the accompanying documents;

Why write that you are an excellent student, if your report card already speaks in black and white? On the other hand, if you have a weak assessment of certain disciplines, it can be somehow profitable to explain yourself. Although I do not advise you to focus the attention of the committee on the negative aspects of your portfolio. To write a high college essay is your opportunity to write about things that no credentials show, or to uncover more fully those moments about which they simply need to know to better understand you and your worldview. Do not squander the reader’s limited attention, “hook” it from the very beginning with an interesting, mature, frank story about who you are and what you want from life.

Follow all instructions carefully!

If it is said, no more than 600 words, this does not mean that you can write 700 and hope that your documents do not go straight to the trash. If it is said, answer a specific question, you should do it without too much self-activity. And the most elementary, but still important, about which many forget: check the essay on grammar, style and punctuation. Reading negligently done work is always unpleasant. Do not think that readers of your writings will be condescending to you.